365 til 30

I am sorry that I have been neglecting this blog! It’s only because I  have been hard at work on my new blog! Come join me there!!!





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“Desert Wanderings”

Last year Brian and I took a road trip to New Mexico. It was an adventure filled 5 days! Brian took a million beautiful photos on that trip but he choose 1 to submit to a National Geographic competition. If you love it as much as I do…then vote for it!


Photo and caption by Brian Glodney

I capture telling glimpses, tiny revelations worn by the people and places I roam. I seek out these brief moments in an attempt to remind myself, as they drift from experience to fleeting memory, of the journey, of my wandering. Summer 2010. The uncomfortable stagnation of too much time spent behind a desk begins to rise. A summer road trip into the desert, destination unknown, will sooth this old friend of mine. With the 4×4 ready, my girlfriend’s adventurous spirit intact, and the camera by my side we find ourselves outrunning a summer thunderstorm and taking shelter at the Wigwam Motel.


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365 till 30

365 till 30

So the day is upon me. I am officially 29 years old. What this means to me, other than the joy of presents and cake, is that I am 365 days away from 30. Holy SHIT, how did that happen? Wasn’t I just a wide-eyed 23-year-old traipsing around West Hollywood causing trouble? 30…I just keep saying the number to myself in the hopes I will get used to the way it rolls off my tongue.

Being that I am 365 days away from 30 I have been obsessed with where I am supposed to be by 30 and what I should have accomplished by 30. What things to cross of my bucket list by 30. The problem is thinking these thoughts, has led me to compare myself to every other human being ages 29-31. Strongest focus on females living in L.A., aged 29.

You see I choose to follow the creative path in my career and life. This path has led me to many great highs and many other moments which have left me wondering…hmmm maybe a stable 9-5 job wouldn’t be SO bad.

I have to say I am a very happy and fulfilled lady despite not having a stable 9-5 job, a mortgage or a baby. Although, I am sure when all of those things are mine one day I will be the asshole in the corner saying “I have never been happier”.

I have decided I need to shake things up a bit. Get out of my head. Forget about my regrets and stop thinking about the phrases “should have” and “everybody else”. I also plan to cross off a few goals on my bucket list and most importantly have some fun.

So, I have come up with a list to accomplish in 365 days. I will of course document it all through pictures and videos…for your enjoyment. Because, there will be no crying over 30 in this house.


Thank God, Brian has

1. Camped before

2. Has camping gear

3. Is handy with navigation

4. Likes camping

5. Seems like he could get us out of a sticky situation involving unexpected intruders i.e. spiders, bears, angry deer and angry rodents

*I have no way of knowing if number 5 is true but if I don’t believe it to be true then this goal will never be accomplished.

*Not to mention if numbers 1-4 weren’t true, I would probably die trying to accomplish this goal and never see 30. I would be one of those horror stories like that family who survived off of cheese whiz for a month.


 I have always wanted to speak French fluently. I have had many opportunities to accomplish this goal. The first being my private school education grades 7-12. From those years I walked away with some killer French slang but beyond that not much. The second being the 3 summers I spent visiting my grandparents in the South of France. From those years I walked away with a killer French boyfriend named Jean Marc.

Since those two avenues didn’t pan out…I have chosen to pay for classes during my 29th year on earth.


Let me clarify something here. I mean publish my writing in places other than my blog. I’m feeling very hopeful about this goal. But, if Marie Claire and Cosmo doesn’t come knocking by day 327, I will have to resort to other measures. Measures that may involve me asking my fellow blogger friends to publish my writings.


What a seriously sexy dance to watch! A dance that I am quite sure I will look seriously deranged doing. Thankfully, I can laugh at myself and thankfully I will be enlisting someone to film these classes so you can laugh “with” me as they say.

Mark my words…I will Tango. Oh and when I do I will dance the tango scene from Mr. & Mrs. Smith.


 This has ALWAYS been on my bucket list. Some people think this sounds just plain horrible but I think it sounds like heaven. Just you (and hopefully an adventurous co-captain) on the open road…stopping wherever we please…getting lost…getting found…seeing New Orleans…staying in funny motels…barns…Iowa…exploring…photographing…drinking beer with an old man in a dusty bar in Texas. Do you see where I am going with this?


It’s time. It really is. I have waited long enough. He even already has a name…Frank. Or Franc when I’m in a French mood.


Each of these sites inspires me to continue creating content that makes us view ourselves as a global community. I would be beyond thrilled to contribute to them.

http://explore.org/ –  “Never Stop Learning”

http://www.takepart.com/ –  “Inspiration to Action”

http://www.good.is/ – “For People who give a damn”


Spend one week at Tassajara, which is a Buddhist Zen center near San Francisco. There I plan to complete a work program and spend my time working in silence. Yes, not talking…to anyone. If accepted I can stay there free of charge in exchange for working at the center. I read the list of possible work duties to my mother, which included








Cabin preparation

and general maintenance work for the  community.

To which she said…”I don’t hear anything that you can do?”


This cooking “thing” falls under the same category as this speaking French fluently “thing”. I have had many opportunities to learn. But, still the kitchen gives me panic attacks despite my love of eating. So out of pure necessity I will accomplish this goal. Because, I have learned you can’t save money like “real adults” do if you buy your dinner from Whole Foods every night.

I will start with something very simple…like scrambled eggs. Maybe by the end of this year I will throw a lavish dinner party cooked by MOI.  Like how I brought the French full circle?


After reading my list of goals for the last 365 days of my 20’s I thought, “These are rather self-indulgent, huh?”  So, lastly I will volunteer consistently for a cause that is near and dear to me.


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I watched the documentary God Grew Tired Of Us last night and was so moved by it, I could barely sleep. It packed so much emotion into every frame. God Grew Tired Of Us follows three young Southern Sudanese men, John Bul Dau, Daniel Pach and Panther Bior to the US where they work hard for a brighter future.

The documentary begins in the 1980’s, by following the boys as they walked a thousand miles to escape their war-ridden homeland. During the five years they walked in search of safety, thousands died from starvation, dehydration, bomb raids and genocidal murder. Finally, they found relative safety in Kenya’s Kakuma refugee camp. In 2001, 3,600 lost boys, including John, Daniel and Panther, were invited by the United States to live in America. Assisted by Catholic Charities International, the three boys uproot their lives and once again embark on a journey, leaving behind thousands of other refugees who, had become their family.

Once they reach the US, they must now learn to adapt quickly, learning new customs, adapting to new and strange foods, coping with the ordeal of getting, and keeping a job, or multiple jobs, while never forgetting the loved ones they left behind in Africa. These men inspired me and my heart ached for them. They had seen the worst of humanity and had survived unimaginable hardships but still believed in the best the universe had to offer. They embodied such grace and kindness through all their actions. Not to mention, they send most of the money they make working in the US, back to Kenya to their fellow lost boys and loved ones. Selfless and brave doesn’t even begin to describe these men.

Today, I am going to make sure I don’t complain about a thing in my life 🙂



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Recently, I have been dreaming of going to Paris. It happens to be one of my favorite cities. When I am there I feel inspired, creative and alive. Not to mention I think it’s the most romantic place. I love that you can wander the city and always find something beautiful to see and delicious to eat. My only agenda when I am there is to find time to…eat a chocolate criossant…and drink a glass of wine. The rest just seems to fall into place. I was reminiscing about my most recent trip there. My Auntie Paul arranged a family girls trip there for her birthday…yes took us to Paris for her birthday and it was the best time of my life.


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Shadow art

Everyday objects manipulated to cast incredibly realistic shadows. Here are some stunning pieces by artists Kumi YamashitaTim Noble and Sue WebsterShigeo Fukuda, and Larry Kagan. I think they are absolutely beautiful and creative.

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TakePart.com is one of my favorite sites and I thought I would share it with everyone. I love everything they stand for. Their mission is so simple…

Inspiration to Action


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A tree hotel!! Yes please…

Sweden has never been at the top on my list of places to go. But, after seeing this tree hotel located there I have had a change of heart. It looks like magical things happen there…I imagine that the rest of the world disappears while you hang out in your groovy tree hotel room. I will include a link to the website although it’s in Swedish so I’m not quite sure what it says!


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