“Desert Wanderings”

Last year Brian and I took a road trip to New Mexico. It was an adventure filled 5 days! Brian took a million beautiful photos on that trip but he choose 1 to submit to a National Geographic competition. If you love it as much as I do…then vote for it!


Photo and caption by Brian Glodney

I capture telling glimpses, tiny revelations worn by the people and places I roam. I seek out these brief moments in an attempt to remind myself, as they drift from experience to fleeting memory, of the journey, of my wandering. Summer 2010. The uncomfortable stagnation of too much time spent behind a desk begins to rise. A summer road trip into the desert, destination unknown, will sooth this old friend of mine. With the 4×4 ready, my girlfriend’s adventurous spirit intact, and the camera by my side we find ourselves outrunning a summer thunderstorm and taking shelter at the Wigwam Motel.



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3 responses to ““Desert Wanderings”

  1. fivereflections

    sounds like fun i’d love to see all the photos

    • fivereflections

      back in february you didn’t know me! i still like this photo – and i think a wigwam motel would be exciting!

  2. Beautiful picture. I visited New Mexico 20 years ago. It was my last true family trip with my mom, dad, and brother. I will never forget the beauty of all that I saw on that trip. Thanks for sharing.

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