I have been looking forward to this girls gateway for 2 months. What better place to unwind with 7 girls then the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. It was like one giant slumber party in our room! The hotel may be super trendy but the vibe is still relaxing and the scene welcoming. Imagine that! I tried my best to fit in by putting together my hipster pool look and threw on my best bandeau bikini and attempted to make my tattoos as visible as possible. Because, I learned quickly that you had to have tattoos to fit in by this pool. The more surface area on your body covered the better. My favorite things about the weekend…black and white photo booth…outdoor fireplaces…comfy beds…ending up at a bachelor party…pool margarita’s…killer breakfast…large elephant head in the restaurant…the decor in general…it was bliss.




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The thing that struck me the most about Nicaragua, other than the $1 rum and cokes, were the locals, they are beyond kind and welcoming to foreigners. They have such a cheery disposition coupled with big open smiles. Everyone I encountered seemed simply happy to be alive. They are really on to something!


As you all know I love adventure! So I was extremely excited to zip line leading up to the trip. Cut to the day of our zip lining appointment and I was not feeling too hot. I felt like I had a cold coming on. So I downed every cold medicine that Brian had luckily packed and hoped for the best. I succeeded in clearing my nose but ended up feeling foggy from the medicine. Not really the best state to go flying through the trees. But, once we got to the top of the mountain it was the only way down. So I put my game face on and ended up having a blast! Anyone, who has the chance to do it…MUST. Especially, if you have the chance to see friends and loved ones doing it as well. We all looked like complete fools. Not to mention the harness caused my jean shorts to be up my ass the entire time.


Number 32 on my bucket list reads, “Play with a monkey”.  It’s a lofty goal. But, I know one day I will find a monkey that feels the same way about me. Until then I will have to settle for being close to a monkey. Maybe I will cross it off with pencil for now. While I was zip lining they were nestled in the tress around me. They did not disappoint…they are adorable! If I wasn’t attached to a cable at that moment I would have climbed the tree to get a closer look.

El Mono


This town literally took my breath away…so much history and such a departure from the other parts of Nicaragua I got to see. It felt like there was something special around every corner. From beautiful tile work to admire… to courtyards to get lost in.

Granada is historically one of Nicaragua’s most important cities both economically and politically. It has a rich colonial heritage, seen in its architecture and layout. I was surprised to learn it is in fact the oldest city in North America. Founded in 1524 by Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba. It grew quickly as a sort of trade hub and used to be a symbol of Spanish Opulence. You could see the remnants of old money in the town.

From Granada’s early days it has had to rebuild itself multiple times but today it is flourishing. Granada’s economy continues to grow as it is becoming the national tourism hub. It is now becoming known for preserving some of the finest colonial-era architecture in the country. I loved exploring this city and wish I had more time to do so!

Colorful Courtyard

Hotel Dining Room

Courtyard in Granada

I will never understand why Brian isn't smiling here...ha


The sweetest little fishing village I have ever seen. It also happened to be where our hotel The Pelican Eyes was located. So we got very lucky! Not to mention it had great surf and lobster!


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“So where’s my fu*ki*g pony?”

In my hosting class last night the teacher asked us to come up with the title for our imaginary autobiography as an exercise for…I don’t know what.  The very first thing that popped in my head was “So where’s my fucking pony”. I thought to myself is this too depressing of a title? Or will the class see the humor in it? They could possibly think my head is a scary place! Thankfully the room of fellow hosting students had a sense of humor.

I came across this image years ago and have loved it ever since. I’m thinking of getting it blown up and framing it above my desk. So as I am working away I can get a laugh. Doesn’t it say it all. I mean when is my big shiny white pony going to get his ass over here? I ordered him ages ago dammit!

I’m a pretty spiritual girl…well most days. Well, mostly days that are going my way I’m a pretty spiritual girl. Those days I believe that everything is as it should be. But, man those other days. Those days that are gifts straight from hell. Those days I end up thinking…”SO where’s my fucking pony?”. I doubt I am alone here. So I thought I would share the photo for others to smile at!!

Oh and Nicaragua post coming…

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Squirrel Brain

I have come to realize I should just give up on sleeping this week. It’s not happening for me. I thought on a 5 day vegan cleanse I would sleep amazing. But, instead I lie awake most of the night thinking about everything from did I forget to pay that parking ticket to my life’s direction in general. Needless to say it’s exhausting. It reminds of a squirrel when they dart back and forth like they are insane. That’s how I could describe my head this week. Squirrel Brain.

On another note…I have quite enjoyed eating Vegan. I feel more alert (clearly), I have more energy and my skin has a different glow…all around better. I think I will stick with a modified version moving forward. May have to add sedatives to the mix though.

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Oh yeah…food does matter.

I was reading a friends blog ( ) the other day and she mentioned a documentary called “Food Matters”. I was intrigued so I went to the site and downloaded the movie. If you haven’t seen it…you must. It does a brilliant job explaining how important it is to eat right- it’s true “you are what you eat”.

I have always been a relatively healthy eater. “Healthy eater” as in health conscious about what I put in my body. I always skip the bread and try to keep my processed foods to a minimum. But, I definitely have my weaknesses. I love menchies frozen yogurt. I can easily eat a box of cheddar bunnies. My day doesn’t start unless there is a latte involved and I love a glass of wine. Oh did I mention I also love meat and cheese?

But, after watching the film I have decided to make a bold move. I am embarking on a 5 day raw vegan cleanse. An experiment of sorts. What will I feel like after 5 days of eating only things that nourish me? What will I feel like after removing all the toxins from my body and only eating raw organic foods?

You may wonder why I am writing about a cleanse on an adventure/ travel blog but the fact that I won’t be having caffeine for 5 days is a HUGE adventure for me. That alone could lead to problems and a out-of-body experience for me.

Keep you posted about the results and do yourself a favor and check out the documentary!


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Now that it is officially April 1st I will start my “Nicaragua trip” countdown 26 days!! I am beyond excited to explore Nicaragua for ten days. Last year I went to Panama and had such a beautiful experience that I vowed I would explore other parts of Central America. So I am pretty happy a year later I will be doing just that. My accommodations on this Central America trip will be a tad different from my last. This year I will be opting for a resort rather than strangers couches but my goal is to still learn as much about the culture as possible despite not staying with a local. I vow not to just hole-up at the resort! Although you may find me there a few days sipping a tropical drink by the pool. Because this girl still likes a good tan and a fruity cocktail!

Now, I just need to find my passport. It’s AMAZING to me and everyone else, that I don’t have a set place for my passport. Last year it was found in compartment in a purse which was in a box which was in a garage. So really this year it could be anywhere. I have already spent one morning looking for it turning up with nothing. So I made some calls and discovered if needed I could get a replacement sent in 2 weeks for 300+ dollars. Ummmm I think I will keep looking….


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Wine tasting Ojai style

This past weekend was my boyfriend Brian’s birthday. I had big plans for it which I happened to be very pleased with myself for. Somehow I had managed to come up with a gift that I thought was just brilliant…skydiving. Because really nothing says I am so happy you were born more than throwing somebody out of a plane. I told him to take Friday off and dress comfortably. He seemed totally comfortable and excited by the idea of me planning a surprise which made me realize I may never be allowed to plan a surprise again.

Cut to Friday morning. I ran to the window and my worst fear was realized…it was pouring ran. Not really the best weather to hurl yourself out of a plane at 12,000 feet. The wind was officially taken out of my sails. Skydiving was cancelled. I had to come clean on my plans. I still can’t tell if he’s secretly relieved.

So we came up with plan B…we drove to Ojai to have lunch and go wine tasting at Old Creek Ranch. Such fun! 8 wines for $15.00…and you get to take your wine glass home! Best deal ever.

This will now be my favorite way to spend a rainy afternoon:)


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