I have been looking forward to this girls gateway for 2 months. What better place to unwind with 7 girls then the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. It was like one giant slumber party in our room! The hotel may be super trendy but the vibe is still relaxing and the scene welcoming. Imagine that! I tried my best to fit in by putting together my hipster pool look and threw on my best bandeau bikini and attempted to make my tattoos as visible as possible. Because, I learned quickly that you had to have tattoos to fit in by this pool. The more surface area on your body covered the better. My favorite things about the weekend…black and white photo booth…outdoor fireplaces…comfy beds…ending up at a bachelor party…pool margarita’s…killer breakfast…large elephant head in the restaurant…the decor in general…it was bliss.




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3 responses to “GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!

  1. lynn deegan

    I am getting a tattoo TODAY!!

    • paule stewart

      getting away with your best friends is a time-honored tradition that we women
      love and treasure. make these “vacations “(even if it’s a day together) often
      and memorable. and, of course, tell all of us about it!!!
      so happy you had good times together.
      loveya, auntie

  2. everything about this makes me smile. 🙂

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