The thing that struck me the most about Nicaragua, other than the $1 rum and cokes, were the locals, they are beyond kind and welcoming to foreigners. They have such a cheery disposition coupled with big open smiles. Everyone I encountered seemed simply happy to be alive. They are really on to something!


As you all know I love adventure! So I was extremely excited to zip line leading up to the trip. Cut to the day of our zip lining appointment and I was not feeling too hot. I felt like I had a cold coming on. So I downed every cold medicine that Brian had luckily packed and hoped for the best. I succeeded in clearing my nose but ended up feeling foggy from the medicine. Not really the best state to go flying through the trees. But, once we got to the top of the mountain it was the only way down. So I put my game face on and ended up having a blast! Anyone, who has the chance to do it…MUST. Especially, if you have the chance to see friends and loved ones doing it as well. We all looked like complete fools. Not to mention the harness caused my jean shorts to be up my ass the entire time.


Number 32 on my bucket list reads, “Play with a monkey”.  It’s a lofty goal. But, I know one day I will find a monkey that feels the same way about me. Until then I will have to settle for being close to a monkey. Maybe I will cross it off with pencil for now. While I was zip lining they were nestled in the tress around me. They did not disappoint…they are adorable! If I wasn’t attached to a cable at that moment I would have climbed the tree to get a closer look.

El Mono


This town literally took my breath away…so much history and such a departure from the other parts of Nicaragua I got to see. It felt like there was something special around every corner. From beautiful tile work to admire… to courtyards to get lost in.

Granada is historically one of Nicaragua’s most important cities both economically and politically. It has a rich colonial heritage, seen in its architecture and layout. I was surprised to learn it is in fact the oldest city in North America. Founded in 1524 by Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba. It grew quickly as a sort of trade hub and used to be a symbol of Spanish Opulence. You could see the remnants of old money in the town.

From Granada’s early days it has had to rebuild itself multiple times but today it is flourishing. Granada’s economy continues to grow as it is becoming the national tourism hub. It is now becoming known for preserving some of the finest colonial-era architecture in the country. I loved exploring this city and wish I had more time to do so!

Colorful Courtyard

Hotel Dining Room

Courtyard in Granada

I will never understand why Brian isn't smiling here...ha


The sweetest little fishing village I have ever seen. It also happened to be where our hotel The Pelican Eyes was located. So we got very lucky! Not to mention it had great surf and lobster!



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8 responses to “NICARAGUA

  1. kevin

    beautiful …. makes me think that Nicaragua might be on my top list of next wonderful places…. thanks for sharing……P.S. I have had an encounter with a monkey in Costa Rica that wasn’t good. He jumped through the window in the hotel and stole my sun glasses. Just goes to show that even in the monkey world there are “bad elements” 🙂

  2. Pamela Edwards McClafferty


    What an adventure! While we were reading your Blog, we actually felt like we were in Nicaragua! Beautiful country! Beautiful people! Beautiful job!

    oxoxo Dad & Pamela

    P.S. Thank Brian and his dad for the cigars. They were great!
    P.S.S. We loved the Monkeys!

  3. Chantal

    Wonderful blog in Nicaragua, I hope to visit it soon, and experience the beauty and wonderful culture if the country. P.S I had a monkey in my back yard in the Caribbean, which my father was babysitting for a friend, and lets just say he wasn’t no Curious George. lol

    Love Ya!

  4. Rita

    WOW! Nicaragua!
    Kate how amazing! I hope you get go all the places you wanna go to, I’ll be living them through you vicariously.
    Sometimes I see all the negative news about latin america, but you have opened my eyes to something beautiful! I’m gonna start planning for a trip down south soon.
    Your writing is amazing, thanks for taking on an awesome trip through your writing, I felt like I was totally there.
    Love you pics.
    Miss ya!

  5. Sean

    Hi Kate,
    Looks like a great trip with wonderful memories. I have just shared them with Mom Mom and Lee who just arrived today from Atlanta. Mom Mom said Brian looks like a keeper! She would be dangerous if she could blog.

    Love you,

    Uncle Sean

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