“So where’s my fu*ki*g pony?”

In my hosting class last night the teacher asked us to come up with the title for our imaginary autobiography as an exercise for…I don’t know what.  The very first thing that popped in my head was “So where’s my fucking pony”. I thought to myself is this too depressing of a title? Or will the class see the humor in it? They could possibly think my head is a scary place! Thankfully the room of fellow hosting students had a sense of humor.

I came across this image years ago and have loved it ever since. I’m thinking of getting it blown up and framing it above my desk. So as I am working away I can get a laugh. Doesn’t it say it all. I mean when is my big shiny white pony going to get his ass over here? I ordered him ages ago dammit!

I’m a pretty spiritual girl…well most days. Well, mostly days that are going my way I’m a pretty spiritual girl. Those days I believe that everything is as it should be. But, man those other days. Those days that are gifts straight from hell. Those days I end up thinking…”SO where’s my fucking pony?”. I doubt I am alone here. So I thought I would share the photo for others to smile at!!

Oh and Nicaragua post coming…


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  1. oh goodness, this is SO hilarious!!! Did I tell you what my sister and I came up with years ago for our joint autobiography? “The House Burnt Down, then Dad Died and Mom Came Out of the Closet.” HA. I think I’ll take our illustrative titles over a fairy tale any day. More interesting ❤ ❤ ❤

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