Oh yeah…food does matter.

I was reading a friends blog ( http://www.smalltimecook.com/ ) the other day and she mentioned a documentary called “Food Matters”. I was intrigued so I went to the site and downloaded the movie. If you haven’t seen it…you must. It does a brilliant job explaining how important it is to eat right- it’s true “you are what you eat”.

I have always been a relatively healthy eater. “Healthy eater” as in health conscious about what I put in my body. I always skip the bread and try to keep my processed foods to a minimum. But, I definitely have my weaknesses. I love menchies frozen yogurt. I can easily eat a box of cheddar bunnies. My day doesn’t start unless there is a latte involved and I love a glass of wine. Oh did I mention I also love meat and cheese?

But, after watching the film I have decided to make a bold move. I am embarking on a 5 day raw vegan cleanse. An experiment of sorts. What will I feel like after 5 days of eating only things that nourish me? What will I feel like after removing all the toxins from my body and only eating raw organic foods?

You may wonder why I am writing about a cleanse on an adventure/ travel blog but the fact that I won’t be having caffeine for 5 days is a HUGE adventure for me. That alone could lead to problems and a out-of-body experience for me.

Keep you posted about the results and do yourself a favor and check out the documentary!




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2 responses to “Oh yeah…food does matter.

  1. David Garber

    Good for you, Kate… Good luck with this venture… David G.

  2. Chantal

    Love the new article, will check out the doc. Love ya!

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