Now that it is officially April 1st I will start my “Nicaragua trip” countdown 26 days!! I am beyond excited to explore Nicaragua for ten days. Last year I went to Panama and had such a beautiful experience that I vowed I would explore other parts of Central America. So I am pretty happy a year later I will be doing just that. My accommodations on this Central America trip will be a tad different from my last. This year I will be opting for a resort rather than strangers couches but my goal is to still learn as much about the culture as possible despite not staying with a local. I vow not to just hole-up at the resort! Although you may find me there a few days sipping a tropical drink by the pool. Because this girl still likes a good tan and a fruity cocktail!

Now, I just need to find my passport. It’s AMAZING to me and everyone else, that I don’t have a set place for my passport. Last year it was found in compartment in a purse which was in a box which was in a garage. So really this year it could be anywhere. I have already spent one morning looking for it turning up with nothing. So I made some calls and discovered if needed I could get a replacement sent in 2 weeks for 300+ dollars. Ummmm I think I will keep looking….



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5 responses to “Nicaragua!

  1. David Garber

    Kate, have the greatest trip ever. Hava and I have been there twice and fell in love with the beauty of the countryside each time… Enjoy and we look forward to hearing about you exploits. DG

  2. kevin mcdonald

    have a wonderful time. And don’t end up in a coconut tree like u did in Mexico! 🙂 hope you are wonderfully well.

    we miss u….

  3. paule stewart

    happy hunting! the $300 charge for a replacement is a great
    incentive to find your passport. visualize. it’s there.
    your adventurous spirit will take you to marvelous places.
    enjoy the resort, the companionship and, mostly, the entire experience.
    looking forward to hearing all good things.
    much love…..auntie and davie

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