Wine tasting Ojai style

This past weekend was my boyfriend Brian’s birthday. I had big plans for it which I happened to be very pleased with myself for. Somehow I had managed to come up with a gift that I thought was just brilliant…skydiving. Because really nothing says I am so happy you were born more than throwing somebody out of a plane. I told him to take Friday off and dress comfortably. He seemed totally comfortable and excited by the idea of me planning a surprise which made me realize I may never be allowed to plan a surprise again.

Cut to Friday morning. I ran to the window and my worst fear was realized…it was pouring ran. Not really the best weather to hurl yourself out of a plane at 12,000 feet. The wind was officially taken out of my sails. Skydiving was cancelled. I had to come clean on my plans. I still can’t tell if he’s secretly relieved.

So we came up with plan B…we drove to Ojai to have lunch and go wine tasting at Old Creek Ranch. Such fun! 8 wines for $15.00…and you get to take your wine glass home! Best deal ever.

This will now be my favorite way to spend a rainy afternoon:)



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3 responses to “Wine tasting Ojai style

  1. kevin mcdonald

    hi Kate….. I want to go skydiving… kind of crazy since I really get scarred of heights! But it sounds like it would be kind of a mind blowing experience. Hope you guys can literally take a rain check and do it another time…..


  2. paule stewart

    what a great idea to surprise brian……too bad you were rained out. ah, well, another year. so glad you had fun in ojai.
    come to santa barbara soon!
    love you…..auntie

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