My first Stunt fighting class…also known as the evening nobody cared I was tired.

So I have begun to explore my inner badass…my inner Steven Seagal. I am  learning how to stunt fight and it is everything I had hoped for minus my bruised foot and not being able to walk today.

My first stunt class was last night and leading up to it I was nervous. What do I wear? How many men will I be fighting? Will they laugh when they see my moves? Do I even have moves? Should I warm up? Is it wrong to have a theme song?

The class started at 7 but I was late. Always a bad start. I hate being late. Steven Seagal wouldn’t be late for a fight. I bring up Steven Seagal obsessively because when I first came up with the idea to  stunt fight I contacted Art Camacho- a man often hired to train celebrities for movies. He has worked with Steven Seagal and that was a selling point for me. I mean have you seen “Under Siege”? It’s a classic in my book. So I thought , if there is a person who could teach me it would be him. I was right, he is that good.

I walked in the room and my worst fears were realized. There were 3 very large men kicking and punching each other  while making grunting noises I didn’t know humans could make. ( I now added- noise making  to my list of worries) I wanted to turn around! But, I had come this far. There was no turning back.

Lesson one- you don’t actually kick or hit people. I learned this the hard way. I have a hunch that’s were my bruised foot came from. You are supposed to brush by their face and cheat it. This is harder than you may think.

Lesson two- 3 hours of training is no joke. I now support the paychecks action stars receive. They deserve every penny. Not only is it extremely hard to remember all the choreographed moves but it’s the most exhausting workout . Beats Cardio Barre, Pop Physique, Bar Method and yoga hands down.

Lesson Three- Looking like a badass is hard to do when you can’t catch your breath and don’t remember what move comes next. Seeing a large Russian man’s foot coming towards my head kept causing me to go blank.

Lesson four-  stunt fighters don’t care when you say you are tired and need a break- just the opposite really. They add another sequence and say from the top.

But, after it was all said and done I loved it- even with all my complaining. I walked out of there with a pep in my step and my head held a little higher. I beat up 3 huge dudes and I felt like a badass. I will also say for the record that I found myself making grunting noises while throwing punches. It’s kinda hard not too.



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2 responses to “My first Stunt fighting class…also known as the evening nobody cared I was tired.

  1. rach

    Literally laughing out loud. I love that you are doing this!!!

  2. paule stewart

    the grunts may come in handy on more than one occasion.
    practice, practice, practice.

    your day at kickboxing encouraged me to make an appointment
    at the spa…..because i get a kick out of that!

    loved your story…….you’re such a good writer and i love your
    work…… and you.


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