“Traveling outside of my comfort zone…finding adventure in everyday life”

Recently I was having an impatient day. As I do sometimes. I had a realization about myself – it always seems like I am waiting for something to happen, come, change or manifest to experience what I want in life. Everything I want to happen in my life is usually to attain a certain emotional state. At the moment I am waiting for all my little ducks to line up in a row so I ¬†can begin to travel the world couchsurfing. I wondered, what am I expecting to get from this journey? I came up with…Adventure, out of my comfort zone, experience new things and learn about other cultures. The list could go on and on but those were the main ones. So I decided, until the day comes when I am traveling the world one couch at a time I will find the essence of what I am trying to experience through that journey in the here and now. Try and find adventure in everyday life.

Some ideas I have come up with…

1. Fencing class

2. Salsa class

3. Learn a new language

4. Go to an Indian reservation

5. Couchsurf locally

6. Sky Dive

7. Open my home to other couchsurfers in need of a place to stay

8. Learn how to stunt fight (because really how could that not come in handy at some point?)

9. Rock climb

10. Learn how to cook meals from different cultures (I may need to start with learn how to cook in general here)

I’m not sure what I will start with but I can assure you video of it will be posted.

Does anyone have any other ideas?!


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