Oh Mexico. Where they serve you margarita’s like it’s water and the ocean is warm.

You could say I am obsessed with ALL things travel. I get the most joy from exploring a new place and interacting and learning about new cultures. It feeds my soul. I am adventurous by nature and will likely try anything at least once. I would like to think of myself as the girl who will try anything, travel anywhere and eat anything.

Recently, I have had Mexico on my brain. This is usually what happens when I get obsessed with needing to get out of town. I become fixated on one location and it’s all I think about until the ticket is bought and I am on an adventure. Recently it’s been Mexico. I have been to many parts before including Cabo San Lucas, Zihuatanejo, Cancun and San Miguel de Allende. Each place offered me something different. Cabo for me really is the home of swim up bars and silver jewelry. In Zihuatanejo I did pretty much the same thing, coupled with landing in a Palm Tree when parasailing. So Z will always be the home of that special memory for me. Cancun is like one big party with beautiful beaches. The water is crystal clear and the sand white. San Miguel is history, art, ex-patriots, food and culture. Not a beach in sight but it’s a great view of what Mexico is when you are away from tourists. But, now it’s Tulum that’s captivated my attention. It’s happens to be a perfect combination of beautiful beaches on the Caribbean Sea and history- it is the site of Mayan ruins which line the coast. The pictures of Tulum cause a flutter in my heart. I must go.

The great thing about being based in LA is that Mexico is a quick flight. It’s a weekend getaway. It also is home to my favorite things. Mexican food in general and margarita’s. I love them both to a point one could find strange.



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